Writings in pixels

The Guardian

Flying hats and 8-bit Nazis: the strange history of video game localisation
“Why do all your base belong to us? Well, ask yourself how you would do translating your fabulous game idea into Japanese

The Escapist

Garden of Brutality
“But under the game’s saccharine shell lurks a very adult center, for Viva Piñata‘s apparently innocent exterior is a thin veil for its hidden themes of sex, death and occasionally startling cruelty.”

Videogames: A Modern Folly
The developers of the 21st century have a dandy’s eye for disparate bits of pop culture. Magpie-like, the shiniest moments and flashiest camera angles have been plundered from the archives of cinema, literature and comic books.”

Den of Geek – The Ryan Lambie Column

I’ve written a weekly column/blog at Dennis Publishing’s Den of Geek for almost two years, in which I document my love/hate relationship with video games, and how they relate and sometimes interfere with my day-to-day life. Here are a few prime cuts.

Get MPs onside – give them their own Grand Theft Auto
“What’s required is a GTA for the governing classes – a Grand Theft Eton, if you will.”

How self-aware computers will change video gaming
“Imagine an online multiplayer mode where the bots were indistinguishable from the human players, where you were no longer sure whether the groundless threats and racial insults were coming from a flesh-and-blood thirteen-year-old or an artificial one.”

Why Geometry Wars is the stuff of nightmares
“It had over a thousand peas, hundreds of hurts and a contrast ratiocination of 80,000,000:1 against. I liked those odds, so I handed over my cash.”

Den of Geek – Reviews

In addition to my column, I’ve penned reviews for dozens of games, movies, books and shows for Den of Geek. Here are a few recent examples.

The Virtual Revolution
A review of the BBC’s internet documentary

Dark Void
A review of Airtight’s third-person shooter for XBox 360

Nintendo Life – Reviews

Picross 3D – DS

Infinite Space – DS

D+Pad Magazine – Reviews

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Lode Runner