Writings in Print

Retro Gamer

The Unconverted
A six-page article that looked at the best games that never made it out of the arcades of the 80s and 90s. The article’s popularity saw the concept made into a monthly feature.

Micro Mart – Features

The Computer Awakes: Artificial Intelligence past, present and future
An in-depth, three-part article that delved into the history of AI, from its earliest beginnings at Bletchley Park to the present day.

MMO Economics
A six-page article that looked at the virtual economies of online games.

Can Independents save PC Gaming?
Another six-page article, I spoke to independent developers such as Popcap, Introversion and 2D Boy about the creativity of the indie games scene

Micro Mart – Reviews

I’ve been passing a critical eye over the latest software and video game releases over the past couple of years, and even penned the odd hardware review for gaming mice, routers and headsets.

Micro Mart – Gaming Weekly

Since November 2008, I’ve written Micro Mart’s Gaming Weekly section, a round-up of all the latest developments in PC gaming, from upcoming titles, the best independent releases and MMO patch updates.

Dark Tales

The Beetles in my House
A blackly comic short story, and one of my earliest publications